About The Society Of St. Vincent De Paul

What We Do

Our Vision

That the poor and marginalised whom we serve become self-reliant and lead fulfilling and dignified lives.


Our Mission

To serve and journey with the poor and marginalised, regardless of their race, nationality and religion, bringing them hope for a better life and a better future.


Our Core Values

We live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor, and striving to deepen our faith via action meeting real needs.

We listen and serve with love and compassion.

In frankness, integrity, genuineness.

In accepting the truth about our frailties, gifts talents and charisms, yet knowing that all that God gives us is for others and that we can achieve nothing of eternal value without His grace.

In friendly assurance and invincible goodwill, which means kindness, tenderness and patience in our relationship with others.

In dying to our ego with a life of self-sacrifice; members share their time, their possessions, their talents and themselves in a spirit of generosity.

A passion for the full flourishing and eternal happiness of every person.

“Our goal is to fight poverty in all its forms, through the practical assistance to people in need. We offer direct, personal assistance that is non-judgmental and based on the need of the individual or family.”


What We Do

We care for more than 2,300 families across Singapore, regardless of race, religion or nationality. We call them Friends in Need (FINs). Our members befriend, visit the homes of the FINs and journey with them, giving them hope for a better tomorrow.

Education Support
Vincentians and volunteers provide tuition and guidance to our FINs’ children, to instil good values in them.


We ensure that our FINs’ children who receive tertiary education (ITE/ Polytechnic/ University) are not denied academic advancements by providing them with bursaries to support their higher education pursuits.

Community Services Office
Our Community Services case managers help individuals and families seeking our assistance, developing care plans and by linking them up with appropriate Government and social services agencies and where required, recommend them to one of our Conferences for adoption as FINs so that they get holistic care. 

Case Managers also support Conferences on care plan management for their FINs. 

Contact: somanager@ssvpsingapore.org or call 90689948.

Milk & Diapers Programme
Our Milk and Diapers programme provides parents from low-income families with milk and diapers for their very young children (up to three years of age), whilst our Vincentians and volunteers meaningfully embark upon their journey with the families. We partner Family Services Centres and other social service agencies to provide more holistic support to these vulnerable families.

Contact: milk.n.diapers@ssvpltd.org

In September 2019, we set up the SSVP Shop at 501 Geylang Road, a bequest from the estate of an anonymous donor. The thrift shop retails new and pre-loved goods donated by well-wishers, all at affordable prices. All net proceeds go towards supporting SSVP’s charitable cause and work.

Contact the SSVP Shop at shop@ssvpsingapore.org or call 6974 2480.

St Vincent Home
In partnership with Catholic Welfare Services, we have been operating the St Vincent Home on Waterloo Street. Opened in 1979, the shelter home is for seniors above 60 on public assistance, whom can manage daily activities on their own but do not have a family to care for them. We provide basic amenities to the residents. Conferences often include the residents in their FINs social activities.

Outreach Activities
SSVP’s outreach activities include the elderly, vulnerable individuals and families as well as migrant workers among others. Our Members regularly visit homes for the aged sick in groups. We undertake, home improvement projects like changing beddings and mattresses in the homes of the needy, installing LED lights in rental blocks, etc. During festive periods, our Members visit migrant worker dormitories to provide them bags containing groceries and essentials.  These are often done in partnership with parishioners in churches. Drop us an email at: enquiry@ssvpsingapore.org to find out more about our programmes and services.

The council also includes 300 Auxiliary Members who volunteer for specific projects and programmes. 

Being part of the Global Network

SSVP Singapore is part of the worldwide international SSVP charity network which is present on all 5 continents, in 154 (and counting) locations around the globe.  The international SSVP network, serving mainly the poor, isolated, vulnerable and/or marginalised, comprises over 800,000 active Members and over 1.5 million Volunteers globally.

SSVP Singapore is structured, and organised, according to the ‘Rule’ which sets out the purposes and objects; the basic philosophy and  the international governance of the International Society of St. Vincent de Paul based in Paris, France.

The SSVP International Confederation is headquartered in Paris, France. It has been admitted to the ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council), as a Non-Governmental Organisation, in March 2012.