How SSVP Differs

SSVP is different from the typical charity or social service organisation.

  • SSVP is an independent lay Catholic organisation, made up mostly of volunteers (Vincentians), dedicated to serving the poor and needy regardless of race or religion;
  • our island-wide network comprises 31 outreach centres including Catholic churches, with over 750 Vincentians who serve their needy beneficiaries on a mid- to long-term basis;
  • we are guided in Serving with compassion and love, seeing Christ in those we serve;
  • SSVP also fills the ‘gaps’ in our community which typical governmental social aid does not adequately reach;
  • our charity is part of a recognised and established global network, with stringent financial processes, subject to external audits by the Registrar of Societies and Commissioner of Charities;
  • our donations are largely from the Catholic community, and generally not from the wider society; our main source of donations is the second collection done on the first Sunday of the month in Catholic churches;
  • we hardly receive any financial support from government institutions or external agencies; and
  • typically, ninety-six cents of every dollar raised go directly towards helping our FINs and households/families in need, our foremost priority.