Path of Compassion is a campaign organised by the Youth of Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP). Funds raised will support SSVP Ltd in their projects and activities.

One of their projects is the ‘Milk & Diapers’ programme (MaD) which really touches our hearts. It is heartbreaking to know that due to the COVID-19 situation, many families are not able to provide the basic nutrition for their babies in their crucial growing years which can affect their cognitive and physical development. We hope that through this campaign, we can raise awareness of the plight of these vulnerable families and support more babies!

Support our race participants and beneficiaries as they walk and run to raise funds for the low-income and disadvantaged by donating to our campaign!

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What is a Virtual Race?

A virtual race is a race which you can complete at your own pace and time. All walks/runs can be done at any location and must be tracked using a fitness tracker/app.

The distance is accumulative, and can be completed at anytime during the ‘clock in period’. Registration is closed! But you may still support our participants by donating to our campaign here.

Once completed, submit screenshots of your fitness app that mentions the distance completed with date/ time of the run/walk on our Google Forms here. For more info please email the organising team at

How to record your walks/ runs?

You may use any fitness app/ tracker to record your walks/ runs. If you do not have any fitness trackers in your mobile, you may download any free fitness apps like Strava or Nike Run. Both are available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Join our Path of Compassion Strava Community here. Please note that you should have Strava downloaded on your mobile before joining.

Before you start your walk/ run, please start it on the app/ tracker. When you have completed your walk/ run, remember to stop the tracking. If you are using a fitness watch/ tracker, ensure that the tracker syncs with your app so that you can take a screenshot of your exercise.

Please ensure that your screenshots include the distance, time and date of your run.

For a more detailed guide, refer here.

For more information

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

By signing up for this event, you agree to the Terms and Conditions which can be found here.

For team sign-ups and any further inquiries, please contact us at