Code of Conduct on Interactions with
Vulnerable Persons

The Code of Conduct sets forth the ethical standards expected of all members, volunteers, and employees of Society of St Vincent de Paul (National Council of Singapore) [the Society] in their interactions with our Friends in Need (FINS) and aid recipients. It requires members, volunteers, and employees to:

– Remain vigilant and sensitive to signs of harm or abuse towards FINs, taking prompt action when required to ensure the safety of vulnerable individuals.

– Create an environment that is welcoming, culturally sensitive and inclusive for our FINs and aid recipients, upholding strict ethical conduct during interactions, including maintaining boundaries and avoiding harm and discrimination.

– Uphold the highest standards of ethics in all relationships, both with our FINs and aid recipients and within the organisation, by applying the same code of conduct towards FINs as towards fellow members, volunteers, and employees.

– Follow various established procedures to report suspected abuse and observed misconduct for appropriate follow-up and action.

The code of Conduct underscores the Society’s commitment to integrity, sensitivity, and ethical conduct in serving our FINs and aid recipients, and adherence to these guidelines is fundamental to fostering a safe and respectful environment within the organisation. All existing members, volunteers, and employees have access to the Code of Conduct on Interactions with vulnerable Persons and are expected to be familiar with and abide by it. All new applicants (members and volunteers) when completing the SSVP Membership and Volunteer Application form (with the Code of Conduct document attached) have to agree with and abide by the Code of Conduct before being accepted into the organisation.


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