• Be an SSVP Shop Volunteer

SSVP Shop for good, affordable and quality thrifting.

Looking to spend some time for a good cause? Love being in a shopper’s paradise and helping others find great bargains?

Our day-to-day operations (from Tuesday to Sunday) are managed by a pool of volunteers along with a full-time staff supervisor.

Come volunteer at our SSVP (Thrift) Shop at 501 Geylang Road. You can choose to help any day from Tuesday to Sunday. Volunteers can opt for an AM morning session (10am to 1pm) or at an afternoon session (1pm to 4pm) to help sort, display, pack, and other retail activities.  We also need volunteers who are interested to help with social media content, marketing, merchandise display and handymen who are great with general repairs and maintenance.

“I chose SSVP to volunteer because it is a wonderful charity that gives back to the poor and reaches out to the marginalised of society whom are often overlooked. I have found that through my time at SSVP to be a very welcoming and respectful workplace. It is a non-profit charity, which I personally find quite admirable. Additionally, I love fashion and shopping and helping others. Working at SSVP allowed me to not only work for a greater cause but also get some experience styling, window dressing, shooting images for online media platforms and making the shop more aesthetically pleasing to customers.”

“I decided to volunteer at SSVP because I am Catholic and have always heard about SSVP during the monthly second collection. I then reached out to SSVP asking to volunteer my time”

“I enjoy working as a team with fellow volunteers and feeling happy when customers say how much they like shopping at the shop or when they found “gems” here.”


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