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SSVP is committed to serving the poorest of the poor and providing support and care to those most in need in our communities.

We cannot continue our work without the kind and generous support of our many wellmeaning, noble hearts out there. We appeal to each and every one of you, our fellow men and women, to join us in carrying out our mission – and to serve in hope.

Why Become An SSVP Member?
Vincentians serve the poor cheerfully, listening to them and respecting their wishes, helping them to feel and recover their own dignity, for we are all created in God's image. In the poor, they see the suffering Christ.

The main work of the Society and it is to seek out and assist those in need. As SSVP Members, whom we call Vincentians, we visit and assist people in their homes, hospitals or wherever people in need are to be found. 

In Singapore, Vincentians will join one of the 29 Conferences (each of which is a unit of SSVP Singapore and serving a Catholic church parish) to provide assistance and support to the needy in the local community. 

You need not be a Catholic or a Singaporean to become a member. As part of your local Conference team, you and a more experienced member will visit individuals or families to offer assistance and friendship for a period of time. 

Our service to the needy should always be made in a spirit of friendship, respect, cordiality, empathy and affection. No work of charity is regarded as foreign to the Society. Whenever possible, or assistance should also promote self-sufficiency for those who suffer and show concern for their deeper needs. 

Each conference also runs different programmes and special works projects depending on the needs of the local community. Throughout the year, Vincentians also have to opportunity to join workshops, events and activities organised for members. 

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“They must come with hearts prepared to serve the poor. I did not expect to stay for 25 years, all my children were also surprised.”

“Serving them is to witness the miracle of what are seemingly small actions like providing financial and food aid, tuition and counselling. These actions can have a kind of butterfly effect whereby our actions can have a big positive impact on a person’s day, week, month or life.”

“I felt the calling very strongly. My family had a lot of financial difficulties when I was growing up. We were always struggling with money, sometimes down to the last dollar. I’ve got out of my situation and I know how to relate to people who are poor... not everyone will have the experience that I had.”


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