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Vincentians Serve In Hope

SSVP Youth

Are you young and filled with enthusiasm to make a difference? 

SSVP Youth welcomes all young members and organisers wide-ranging projects and activities for youth members. 

Enveloped in a community of faith and love, your interaction with the poor will deepen your spirituality, inspire action and grow emotionally. 

SSVP values the innovation and contributions of the Youth. The Young helps bring a different light to what the Society needs to assist the community now and in the future. 

Find out more about SSVP Youth at Instagram.

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"Every time I meet my Friends In Need, I am reminded that no matter what happens, I am doing it for them. It’s a good, consistent reminder that every small act really does help."

“Greatest joy here? Bringing smiles to our Friends-in-need. Knowing that just by providing a little help or just listening to them and being there for them, can bring so much joy in their lives.”

“I felt lucky to have met Uncle Willy and to listen to his faith journey and the struggles he faces every day. It reminded me of the blessings I have taken for granted. He roams around on his wheelchair offering prayers and essential items to people. It was also very encouraging how God blessed him with so much hope and light to continue helping others even with his poor health condition.”


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