• Upcycled with Love Project

Handcrafted from the Heart by Volunteers

How did the “Upcycled with Love” initiative begin?

While we were looking for an upcycling project to showcase for Earth Day, our “crafty” volunteers were inspired to creatively refashion our large inventory of preloved silk neck ties. While many were top-notch quality from designer brands, demand has been low during this COVID-pandemic when many are working from home. By marrying two carefully curated ties into one Obi belt, the beauty and integrity of the ties are maintained while making them more versatile as they can be worn in a multitude of ways.

These neck ties have since been transformed into more products including beautiful necklaces, cuff bracelets, scarves , headbands, bags, pouches, placemats, table runners, tissue box covers, and our very popular wine bags.

The initiative has also expanded as volunteers find new life for other items. These include upcycled apparel, accessories, candles and home décor.

“Upcycled items are more valued these days because people are generally more environmentally conscious. When people find an item that they love and can reuse, it’s one less item that gets wasted or put in a landfill.”


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