• National Council of Singapore

Our goal is to fight poverty in all its forms, through the practical assistance to people in need. We offer direct, personal assistance that is non-judgmental and based on the need of the individual or family.

The Society of St Vincent De Paul (National Council of Singapore) is registered with the Registry of Societies, the Commissioner of Charities as well as National Council of Social Services. 

The Society comprises more than 750 Members (known as Vincentians) serving in the 29 Conferences (each of which is a unit of SSVP Singapore, and each serving a Catholic church parish) all across the island. 

The Society also includes 300 Auxiliary Members who volunteer for specific projects and programmes.

National Council Executive Committee

The National Council (NC) is responsible for the overall direction, control and management of the activities of the Society at National and Conference levels in Singapore.

“We come from all walks of life, different professions, ages and varied experiences. There is much talent and diversity. We need the active participation of each person called to act … with hearts ignited with the Vincentian Spirit of love, service and humility. Let’s bring our energy, passion and creativity. Step up to serve together to be the Salt of the Earth and Light of the World.”

National Spiritual Advisor
Rev Fr Jerome Leon, SJ
National Council Executive Committee

June 2022 to May 2024

Lucy Cher

Noel Low

General Secretary
Lisa Lim

Asst General Secretary
Joachim Quah

Elizabeth Ng (June 2023-May 2025)

NC Ordinary Members
  • Thomas Lew
    (Particular Council Serangoon – President) 
  • Andrew Quake
    (Particular Council East – President)
  • TBC
    (Particular Council North – President)
  • Adelaine Ng
    (Particular Council City – President)
  • Benjamin Liew
    (Particular Council West – President)
  • Martin Loh
  • James Ang
  • Adonara Mucek
National Council
Sub-Committees Leads
  • Best Practices – Financial & Code of Governance: Elizabeth Ng
  • Dying with Dignity: Paul Foo
  • Faith Formation & Development: Magdeline Tan
  • HR: Joachim Quah
  • Investment: Joachim Toh / Robert Sim /  Tan Yuen Siang
  • International Twinning: Adrian Cher/Raymond Leong
  • Legal Advisors: Chan Yuen Leng / Lew May May / Clare Tan
  • PDPA Officer: Paul Tan
  • SSVP IT: Noel Low/Norman Neo/Reagan Thiew
  • SSVP Shop: Robert Nguyen
  • St Vincent Home: Adelaine Ng / Michael Koh / David Lau


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