Community Cares Award

SSVP Conference for the Holy Trinity was honoured to be presented with the Community Cares Award by Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Second Minister for Health and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs at the MSF Volunteer & Partner Awards 2023 on 27 January.

This was in recognition of the Conference’s support of Social Service Office @ Tampines / Pasir Ris / Punggol’s outreach initiative to vulnerable individuals in the community.

On 12 September, Vincentians from Holy Trinity together with SSO officers combed Tampines Interchange and the surrounding malls to reach out to the vulnerable individuals in the community (VICs), namely tissue peddlers, cardboard, metal can collectors and individuals asking for money on the streets, chatting with them and enquiring if they needed any help or financial assistance. Since then, the Conference has followed up with another VICs outreach exercise.

“Holy Trinity Conference has been partnering closely with SSO@ Tampines / Pasir Ris / Punggol (SSO) to help the needy in Tampines. Initially, we were unsure how we could collaborate further with SSO when the idea of this new outreach project was mooted. After consulting with our Parish Priest, we decided to give it a try. It was a first for us but we’re glad we took that step into the unknown to reach out to the vulnerable in the community who may have fallen through the cracks and may not be receiving adequate support from their home and community. Today, apart from those who have since become our Friends In Need (FINs), we also keep an eye out for the VIC in our midst, extending our friendship and assistance whenever it’s needed, sharing God’s love with them.” – Mr Jeremy Ang, Vincentian from Holy Trinity Conference who was part of the project.

SSVP would like to thank MSF and the Social Service Office @ Tampines / Pasir Ris / Punggol for presenting us with the Community Cares Award in recognition of our commitment and dedication to help those in need in our community.


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