All these years, SSVP has been relying on donations primarily from parishioners in the 29 Catholic churches. It typically spends more than 96% of its annual funds on financial aid and programmes for the poor.

Whilst there is no shortage of case referrals to the Society, we are, regrettably, already operating at full capacity with our current funds.

Existing funds are insufficient to kickstart or expand aid and communications programmes or large-scale fundraising initiatives.

With the suspension of masses in end-February 2020, our main source of funding dried up. We expect that masses at churches are likely to remain curtailed for quite some time more and this will adversely impact our receipts.

We spend S$5.2 million a year on our poor and this includes S$330,000 per month as cash aid and S$22,000 to supply milk and diapers to FINs’ babies and toddlers.

On behalf of all whom we serve, we appeal to the kindness and generosity of our donors. We look forward to your support in any feasible way.


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