Esther Tan on the support she received from SSVP

When my father passed away in 2012, my aunt highlighted our plight to the Vincentians at SSVP Christ the King Conference. With their support we managed to live a better life and did not have to worry all the time. Vincentians also extended the hand of friendship and I witnessed first-hand their ‘humanity’. They made an impact on our lives. They encouraged me to study hard and to live my life to the fullest. I received both encouragement and an educational bursary from the SSVP which motivated me to work harder in my studies. When my mum fell sick in 2018, I began to collect the rations for my family and was struck by the care and concern that the SSVP members had for us. They always followed up on our care. The experience also inspired me to help serve the young and old in SSVP when I started working. I now hope to create awareness about the wonderful work done by SSVP and inspire more people to help contribute to the community.


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