SSVP St Louise De Marillac Conference – Faith In Action

“If God is the center of your life, no words are necessary. Your mere presence will touch hearts.” – St. Vincent de Paul

A weekend spent at the movie theatre and a meal at McDonald’s after with the family seems pretty non-eventful and routine. For our Friends in Need (FINs), this is an indulgence that the family would have had to save up for as a treat for the kids.

During the June school holidays, SSVP Conference of St Louise de Marillac organised a Movie Night for 37 FIN parents and children at Seletar Mall. The FINs or Friends In Need come from lower income families that are being supported by the Society. We selected Transformers: Rise of the Beast for the families’ enjoyment, along with snacks and drinks. After the exciting movie, everyone was treated to a nice McDonalds Meal. Several of the children attend tuition in our parish and this was a welcome break from classes! Everyone enjoyed the well planned and smoothly executed event. On June 29th, a public holiday, our Conference members also distributed groceries and sundries to 50 FINs households, donated by Singapore Red Cross as part of Project R.I.C.E..


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