World Day of the Poor 2023 – Introducing SSVP Supplementary Needs Action Programme and EduFriends: Part 2

To commemorate this year’s World Day of the Poor, we would like to introduce EduFriends, SSVP Ltd.’s new programme to provide educational support and tools to students from low-income families who desire to excel in their academic performance.

Our purpose is to provide educational support and encourage our volunteers to journey with our young students as mentors and befrienders. Edufriends’ first sub-programme is an English Online Enrichment (EOE) programme to provide English classes via an online tutoring platform for children, aged nine to 13 years old. The programme is provided by TutorBuddy Pte Ltd and apart from weekly tuition classes, the programme’s unique feature includes a “buddy” who spends four weekly sessions helping the students with revision.

Anthony Wong, SSVP Ltd. board member and lead of the Education Programme Committee overseeing EduFriends said, “Education is key to levelling the playing field for underprivileged students. EduFriends focuses on English because apart from the fact it is a key core subject, proficiency in English greatly aids the understanding and mastery of math and science. We hope to expand to other subjects in later phases.”

During the introductory phase of the EOE Programme, which targets to enrol 40 students in 2024, priority will be given to SSVP FINs. For more information about EduFriends, email us at

SSVP Ltd is an affiliate of Society of St Vincent de Paul (National Council of Singapore).


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