SSVP St Peter Conference Faith Formation Project For Fins

It was a busy Lenten weekend for Vincentians from St Peter’s Conference (SPP). On Saturday 25 March, we organised an afternoon filled with activities for our Catholic and non-Catholic Friends in Need (FINs) centred on Faith Formation.

At Bethany Hall, 15 FINs were treated to lunch and tea breaks and interspersed with video clips from the Jesus Film Project. There were even short quizzes based on the clips with prizes given for the correct answers. With encouragement from Vincentians and each other, the FINs soon warmed up to answering the questions as they learnt more about the Catholic Faith and were eager to find out more.

Here are some of their sharings:

“Film was interesting and gives us an opportunity to know the story of Jesus” – Vincent, SSVP FIN

“We really learnt a lot about Jesus. The movie is very simple and easy to understand” – Wendy who came with her young son, SSVP FIN

“Programme is very well done, my first time seeing a movie on Jesus, I am very moved.” Chua, SSVP FIN

SPP Cantonese RCIA coordinator Cary also gave testimony and invited FINs who are interested to find out more to attend and observe in a RCIA class. The event ended with everyone reciting the Lord’s Prayer led by member Stephen. It was a good harvest indeed and we are encouraged to organise other interesting Faith Formation events for our FINs.

On Sunday morning (26 March), youths from Church of Saints Peter and Paul Level 9 catechism and their Catechists were on a social mission and gathered bright and early at North Bridge Road hawker centre. They bought breakfast, and accompanied by SPP Vincentians, visited the homes of 4 elderly SSVP FINs from SPP. At each home, the youths befriended the elderly FINs, engaging through conversation while sharing a hearty breakfast together.

For most of the youths, it was an eye opening experience as it was the first time they had seen and entered a rental flat. It was also very heartening to see the joy and smiles of the elderly FINs who were so happy to receive these young visitors.

It is with hope the our youths will be inspired to continue on in this journey to serve the poor and vulnerable. We are grateful to catechist Vincent who came up with this meaningful Lenten initiative for the youths to perform works of mercy.


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