SSVP St Mary Of The Angels Conference Fins Fellowship Project

With the objective to foster fellowship with our Friends in Need (FINs) and the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of marine animals, SSVP Conference of SMOTA organised an outing on 7 May 2023 to S.E.A Aquarium in Sentosa.

Every day, our FINs face all kinds of life challenges, especially financial difficulties. Under normal circumstances, many of our FINs would be too busy, weak or simply unable to afford the luxury of taking their family on an outing to spend quality time together. They are often caught up with the many hustles and bustles of their daily lives, and making ends meet for many of them.

The FINs gathered at SMOTA Church and waited with great anticipation to be ferried to S.E.A. Aquarium. This visit allowed the FINs to admire and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation found in the vast spectrum of marine life. We could see the excitement and smiles expressed on the faces of our FINs as for many of them, this would have been their first visit to the Aquarium. For some of the older FINs, they were provided with wheelchairs as their family members or SSVP members wheeled them along. The outing was also a therapeutic experience as they could relax and take their minds off their daily struggles amidst the calming environment, admiring the fishes swimming around in the large tanks.

Our FINs were also given food vouchers to enjoy some of the wide options of mouth-watering food in Sentosa. Lunch time together was also a great opportunity for fellowship as FINs and Vincentians got to know each other better. This was also a great opportunity for Vincentians to build and strengthen their relationships with the FINs and bring the love of Christ to them in our interaction and engagement with them through this event.

Besides bringing cheer and warmth to our FINs and their families, outings like this this enables our FINs to feel that they are not alone, and no matter how low and despondent they may feel, they have a friend in us. Through our action and love, we bring Christ to them.


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