SSVP Youth X ACMI X Church Of Saint Francis Of Assisi Migrant Workers Outreach

In collaboration with the Church of St Francis of Assisi (SFA), Society of St Vincent de Paul’s (SSVP) youth wing and Ryobi Geotechnique International Pte Ltd, we held a Pongal and Lunar New Year carnival to appreciate about 500 migrant brothers on 15 Jan for all their hard work and dedication 🥳🙌✨

It was an evening of fun and laughter for our migrant brothers from various dormitories! 🤭

On top of bonding over food and drinks, there was also music and a professional emcee that really got the crowd going through dancing and singing songs in the various languages like Tamil and Bengali 🎶🎤

There were different game booths ran by volunteers, goodie bag giveaways and lucky draw prizes! The dormitory management from Ryobi Geotechnique also gave out red packets, oranges as well as held an award ceremony for their workers 🍊🧧

A very big thank you to all for making this event possible!


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