SSVP Induction Programme 2024

Our Vincentian Induction Programme was held on 6 April and Vincentians, newbies and experienced members alike attended the session.. Community Services Offce staff shared extensively on best practices when befriending and visiting our Friends in Need (FINs), especially in challening and difficult enviornment, and many useful tips for home visits. The programme sparked many discussions and questions on how Vincentians can better serve our FINs, in particular dos and don’t during initial visits and FIN assessments. In particular, the presentation on “Understanding of the Social Service Landscape”, especially on the many helping hands approach was immensely helpful for attendees as they learnt specific areas of social services support and agencies available and how Vincentians could tap on these other organisations in their areas of expertise. All in all, it was indeed an enlightening morning spent for Vincentians.


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