SSVP Conference Of Our Lady Queen Of Peace X SSVP Youth Team [To Serve In Hope]

Sometimes when serving others, we need to put ourselves in uncomfortable positions.

On National Day (9 August), a small group of SSVP Youth got the chance to push themselves outside of their comfort zones when they spent their holiday morning decluttering the home of an SSVP Friend-in-need family. Responding to the request for help from the conference of the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace, the youth armed themselves with gloves, trash bags, and a lot of insecticide to take on the challenge.

The FIN lived with his mum and experienced trouble trying to organise his own home, which had led to items being stored on all surfaces, including the couch, chairs, kitchen table, and floor. Over five hours, the youth carefully helped him sort through piles and piles of documents, empty containers, clothing, food, and duplicated items – clearing out about 8 large trash black bags!

Despite only being only able to sort out and clean the living room, the FIN was very appreciative of the support given. In fact, he started to proudly take pictures and boasting about how he can now invite his teacher over for tea because the house was now more presentable.

This may have been a small act by the youth, they personally experienced the meaningful and very personal impact this had on the FIN which changed is demeanour. It is their hope that they will be able to return again soon to finish decluttering the rest of his home and bring back a sense of peace and comfort into the home of the FIN.


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