SSVP Conference of the Blessed Virgin Mother Nativity X Friends in Need (FINs) – Home Improvement Programme (HIP)

During the past 3 years, the COVID pandemic has hit the poor the hardest. They have been challenged, confused, withdrawn, vulnerable, and in deep financial crises. The Conference has also been undergoing a process of renewal during this time that has coincided with the Diocesan Synod; this has led the Conference to establish HIP in July 2022 to improve the living conditions of our FINs by refurbishing their homes.

During the 9 days Novena of the Parish feast day earlier this month, flowers were sold to raise funds for HIP to help FINS with home improvement repairs including in the kitchen as well as fencing windows with mesh wire netting to prevent birds from flying in and leaving a mess with their droppings.

We were also heartened that during our recruitment drive on Feast Day, the SSVP booth attracted much interest from parishioners and 7 people signed up with us!


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