SSVP Conference of the Transfiguration 5th Birthday

HAPPY 5th Birthday SSVP Conference of the Transfiguration!

SSVP Conference of the Transfiguration, the ‘baby’ of the SSVP Family in Singapore celebrates its 5th Anniversary today.

While the youngest, having been set-up only in 2017, parishioners from Church of the Transfiguration stepped up to serve and joined the Conference, helping the low-income Friends in Need (FINs)in the community.

Being nestled within Punggol, an area with many young families, the Conference immediately saw the need to provide aid and support to the many fledgling families undergoing a myriad of issues. To help these families, “Be the Change” Programme was started in 2018 to provide tuition to the youngsters. Today, the Programme has evolved, focusing on mentoring and journeying with the children alongside academic enrichment.

Said COTT Conference President Victor Foo, “”Be the Change” has enabled the Conference to involve the parishioners of COTT and is thankful to have a pool of dedicated volunteer-teachers who devote every Saturday morning to teach and nurture the students. It has been rewarding so far to witness the children growing to be more confident, engaged and happy to come for the programme.”

Earlier on 11 August, Conference members gathered to celebrate this milestone and were joined by newly-elected SSVP National Council Lucy Cher and SSVP National Spiritual Advisor Rev Fr Eugene Vaz as well as other National Council members. COTT Conference was the first conference to be visited as part of National Council’s “Conference Engagement” by the newly elected National Council Board.

It was a fruitful and open session of sharing and engagement amidst much laughter and camaraderie, made more meaningful with the celebration.


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