SSVP Conference Saint Mary Of The Angels

After more than a two-year hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic, SSVP Conference of St Mary of the Angels (SMOTA) organised their very first outing for our Friends In Need! And boy was it an outing to remember!

On 3rd July, two buses were filled with 63 FINs together with their family members, SSVP members and youths as well as SMOTA Outreach office, and were ferried from SMOTA to Bollywood Veggies!

For our FINs, it was indeed a treat as many of them are either too busy, too weak or may not have the financial resources to organise such an outing with their families.

At Bollywood Veggies, FINs had the opportunity to appreciate nature and learn more about farming. Being closer to nature may also have had a therapeutic effect. FINs also had a “hands-on” chance to learn how to pot a plant, to care for it, and best of all, they could also take the plant home after!

More importantly, this outing helped cultivate fellowship between FINs and SSVP members and bring the love of Christ to them through our interaction and engagement. For our SSVP Youths who were only onboarded early this year, this was their very first outing with FINs and this experience was indeed a real eye-opener for them as they learnt to engage and befriend our FINs in a more personal way.

From the laughter and smiles, it was clear that our FINS and their families really enjoyed the activities, fellowship and delicious food. We hope that the outing has helped to alleviate some of the loneliness and stresses brought about by the pandemic and an affirmation to the FINS that they are not alone and are loved by SSVP and SMOTA’s outreach office members. This is our way to bring Christ to them.

We are gratified that the outing was so well-received and look forward to organising similar events for our FINS in the future.



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