Vincentian Induction Programme 2022

Last Saturday, we were so excited to be able to hold the SSVP Induction Retreat on site at Agape Village, the first face to face event at national level since the easing of measures in May. Organised by SSVP Faith Formation and Development Committee with the theme “Know You Are Not Alone”, the Retreat was attended by over 70 Vincentians, of whom close to half were “newbies” who will be taking the Vincentian Pledge next month. Father Francis Lim, SJ, the Spiritual Director for the Retreat, started the session by asking the participants what is the difference between Lonely vs Alone. He said, “We are not alone, God is with us…we serve the poor by going to God.”

David Lau, a Vinentian of over 40 years, presented the topic “So you want to be a Vincentian?” and asked the participants to think and reflect on many hard questions. Towards the end, David had these parting words, “As Vincentians, we must strive to serve (our Friends in Need) with our hands holding theirs, our hearts beating with theirs.”

It was also the first time in two years that Vincentians could meet and mingle freely with members from other Conferences and had invigorating discussions during the session. The Retreat also included evening mass which was celebrated by SSVP National Spiritual Advisor Father Eugene Vaz.


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