Week Of International Day Of Charity – SSVP Youth

On 4th and 5th June, over 30 youths from across Singapore gathered to attend the SSVP Youth Camp which was focused on works of mercy, specifically reaching out to those most in need.

Each day started off with outreach to the less fortunate, the first being Conference of Divine Mercy’s monthly grocery distribution outreach to the one-room rental flats in Pasir Ris. Armed with groceries that had been requested for the previous month, the youth went knocking on doors, delivering much needed necessities including soap, toothpaste, and milk, to the occupants. The Youth befriended the tenants and also chatted about their daily lives and living conditions, gathering information from those who requested for more help.

In the afternoon, Social Work Practitioners from SSVP Ltd.’s Community Service Office presented on how to approach and talk to our beneficiaries with compassion, kindness, and no judgement. These skills were put to the test the following day when the participants helped at Conference of Our Lady of Lourdes’ monthly Sunday ration distribution to their FINs in the city district. Our FINs opened their homes to the youth, where they heard heart-wrenching stories of the hardships experienced by the FINs.

The Youth were deeply affected by their experiences and shared how they now really understand what it means to serve Christ in the poor.

It was also inspiring to see attendees from the 2019 youth camp step up as leaders in this camp, journeying with the newer participants as they grew in faith, opening their hearts to those less fortunate and experiencing Christ’s love in the FINs they met.

Much thanks to SSVP Conferences of the Divine Mercy, Our Lady of Lourdes, and Saint Peter and Vincentians for their assistance and support.

Inspired by the love and passion of our youths? Start your giving journey with SSVP. PM us to find out how we can make positive change happen together.



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